Trimmers, also known as weed eaters, are available in different designs. You should be aware of its primary purpose to which it will perform before you consider buying one. For instance, there is no need to purchase a high-powered trimmer for light task edge and lawn trimming where a light duty trimmer will do. Physically heavier units operate on higher power batteries and are meant for work that requires more power. Hence, as you plan to buy trimmers and edgers, remember that the power needed for the expected work and the time it will take to complete it are important factors when making the ultimate decision. There are at least three types of trimmers that are currently available in the market which includes battery operated, gasoline, and mains electric.

The mains electric trimmers are advantageous to use because they are light and allows easy movement around the lawn. However, it can pose a challenge as you will have to carry power cables from any accessible place in your home. Initially, the battery trimmers used to be short-lived when doing tasks that required much time, but this has changed with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries which can run for a longer period. These trimmers are heavier than the electric types though the emergence of lithium ion batteries has minimized the additional weight.

Conversely, the gasoline trimmers are much heavier and harder to move around with because of the engine it uses to power the rotor when trimming.  They are available in different sizes with the smallest featuring engines of 21cc. Although the engines are powerful, the noise and fumes from the exhaust can be dangerous when trimming around enclosed places. Despite the challenge, you can still consider buying a trimmer with a large engine as it will last for a long time allowing you to finish the job once you have started. The weight of a trimmer that is not well balanced can lead to muscle fatigue. Therefore you should ensure that the engine is not too heavy for an average person to operate.

There are good models of Trimmers and Edgers for different purposes. You should consider the ability of a trimmer before buying one now that some of them double as hedge trimmers, walk sweepers, or edgers. Some of these machines will need additional attachments to perform the extra functions but buying them will be cheaper than buying the entire unit. Therefore, check the trimmer and its attachments well before making the purchase to save unnecessary expenses.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Trimmer