Farming has come a long way, and technology has made it more awesome, and you can now grow and produce crops faster and with better results. Today we look at the top trends in farming that define the agriculture sector.

IT in Farming

We start with a look at the integration of IT in farming. IT is already integrated into farming due to the various apps that have been aligned along the farming industry. Applications have emerged that help you personalize your farming experience right from the use of chemicals, watering, seed placement and the type of soil to use.

We have seen the software help you farm better. Smartphones have become the major tool for farmers who are looking for better yields. The year promises to give more leverage for farmers with the aim of making sure you get more from your efforts on the farm. To know more about farming and the trends, check out these experts. They have a good point on what to expect.

You can also use the apps to monitor what is happening in the farm, right from the time you plant to the time you harvest.


This is the new way to do farming. Vegetables are grown in water as opposed to soil. The water is full of nutrients that are supposed to support the growth of the plants. The aim is to use the naturally produced waste from the fish and vegetables so as to maintain a critical balance.

The fish and the plants survive off each other, and the water also doesn’t go to waste. This means that the level of pollution is reduced as the soil doesn’t erode and there is no way for harsh insecticides.

Small Mechanizations

You shouldn’t forget small mechanizations that lead to great results.  Labour is a huge barrier in many small farms and the effect on the income can make the land less manageable. The use of technology on the smallholder farmers is a big leap. The need for mechanization has made it easy for people to come up with small mechanizations that can handle large tracts of land to help you get more yields. This is a huge win for the farmers.

The Bottom-line

When it comes to making sure that you get more yields from your farm, you need to follow the trends in farming. These trends are the ones that tell you what to do to stay ahead of the competition and end up with a higher yield than ever before.

Top Farming Trends to Be Aware Of