If there is one thing that can never be outdated, those are perfumes. It can be one of the biggest investments of a woman or man when talking about personal necessities. Most people would invest a hundred dollar just to purchase a signature perfume from Your Scent Is Your Signature. Once they have it, they would feel good about themselves.

Sometimes the price says a lot about a product. But in the case of some branded perfumes, you can have the same scent from an economical perfume like that of an expensive one.

The following are the top 5 fragrances that are lower than $50. Choose whichever scent that suits your smell.

  1. Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance ($46)
    From the scent of bergamot and floral blossoms, you can have a soft and feminine fragrance of this perfume. Blended with a hint of musk, Amazing Grace by Philosophy will always suit any woman because of its scent that never runs out of praises. With its amazingly beautiful and clean scent, it will last on your skin for a period giving you a fresh, feminine fragrance throughout the day.
  2. Shiseido Classic Zen Eau de Cologne Pure Mist ($38)
    With a bit of mysterious and alluring scent, Classic Zen Eau de Cologne Pure Mist is an elegant perfume that will match your preferred scent. A unique blend of exotic, sensual and modern fragrance, Classic Zen Eau de Cologne Pure Mist will bring out the sexiest yet innocent look in you. The scent of this affordable perfume is a combination of a rose, jasmine, soft mosses and burnished woods.
  3. Express Love Express ($45)
    For only $45, you can have a sexy fragrant glamorous Love Express. This brand perfume from Express is a blend from Blackberry and Lily of the Valley. If you dare to become irresistible when it comes to love, then you can try this latest brand from them. Women can get a sophisticated scent out of Love Express as soon as they use it.
  4. L’occitane Lavender Eau de Cologne ($32)
    Experience this new brand from L’occitane, which has a radiant scent of fresh citrus fruits. Lavender Eau de Cologne is a perfect perfume for those who prefer a light, woody and breezy scent. The vibrant scent coming from the cologne is very captivating, in which you can feel the coming summer. If you are looking for a light fragrant scent, you can try the product at the most affordable price.
  5. The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Parfum ($24)
    In the most economical price at $24, you can already have a velvety signature perfume for women. White Musk Eau de Parfum has a soft and sensual scent from the premium eau de cologne set-up. It is concentrated, giving irresistible and long-lasting fragrant from each spray. You will love the smell as you spray it on your skin and clothes. Its perfect fragrance will make your man fall in love you again.


Top 5 Perfumes Under $50