Preparing for an interview can be hard and confusing. From the time you prepare for the interview to the time you come up with questions to ask the interviewer, you have so many things to think about. One of the things you shouldn’t worry about is the makeup.

Even with perfect skills ad qualifications for the job, you also need to look polished and professional. One of the questions many people ask themselves is – should one wear lipstick to the interview?

The consensus among many panelists is that it is ok to wear lipstick. Some prefer lipstick as opposed to lip gloss. It all depends on the kind of environment you are being interviewed in. Go for a swipe of color as opposed to bright color. The job interview is all about your skills; don’t let the panelists be distracted by a bright shade of lipstick.

It is also all about the culture of the field you are in. If you are interviewing for a post in a creative company, then you look good with lipstick. If you are going of something conservative, go for something more neutral. Let us look at some of the shades that add some glam to your look without making you look ridiculous.

Neutral Does It

Go for a neutral color that doesn’t clash with your attire. Bright colors can distract the panelists, making them think you want to get leverage using makeup. Go for something that also matches your complexion and your kind o lips. The overall effect also goes a long way to dictate how you look.

Light brown or lighter shades of your favorite color makes you stand out.

Follow the Rules

Just the way you make sure you apply the lipstick the right way every time you get outside the house, you also need to apply the lipstick carefully when going to an interview. Since you stay for sometime before you talk to the panelists, you need to make sure the lipstick looks fresh for long. Use long lasting lipstick from or use tips to keep it fresh.


Make sure you know the kind of interview you are going for in order to decide which kind of lipstick works for you. Don’t go for shouting colors; instead opt for a lighter shade of your favorite lipstick so that you don’t distract the panelists.

Should You wear Lipstick to an Interview?