Painting is the fastest and the cheapest option to give a touch of fresh look to your old room. If you like to refresh your rooms with painting, then choose the color for your rooms is an important task.

Forms of paints

Paint may be of various forms- latex or oil. Latex paints are very commonly chosen paint variety as it is durable and it can be cleaned very easily. It may not fade away very easily and is quite better than any oil form. Thus, for most part of the walls, you may use latex paint. But, oil based color can be perfect to prime the true wood molding because it can seal the stains of woods.

The sheen that you should choose-

If the paint is glossier, then it may be very simpler to clean. When you have kids or when the room involves the highest traffic (for example, playroom or kitchen), you can choose the high gloss so that you may easily wipe up the wall with a wet mop. However, it may sometimes make the blotches more apparent.

Semi-gloss may be another good option for baths and kitchens. This is also somewhat more inexpensive than any other gloss finish. Satin sheens offer smooth touch and many be applied in hallways or kitchen.

If you like to sell your house in future, you can better choose off-white or white shade for painting the walls. It may enable the purchaser to coat the wall surface with any of color of their own preference. It can may the rooms appear brighter. But, you must take advantage of various paint collections at the store and the related schemes of color.

Colors for a soothing appearance-

For a soothing appearance, you may plan to stick to the same paint or apply a monochromatic option, for example, the selection of a range of blue colors for subtle shade, which are likely to be very soothing. It may be a good option for bedroom or bathroom, when you desire the sense of coolness. Only select your preferred paint and then overlap these colors. Your professional painter can help you in having a soothing look.

The options of light shade like blues, pinks or lavenders are also right alternatives for some romantic mood of serenity and tranquility in your room.

Paints for an elegant appearance-

Neutral shades give flexibility or stylishness in a room. These neutral shades do not mean merely beige or white. You may turn any dull living space into the elegant one by choosing different neutral colors shades. You may also give sprays of color all through the room. Neutral tints offer you much more flexibility to change the mood of a room. Keep in mind that if the color is lighter, the room looks more spacious.


With painting, it is possible to lower very high ceiling from the visual point of view. You have to coat it with a darker or brighter color than the color of the existing walls. Similarly, you may enlarge a room with the selection of lighter shade for ceiling. Never get afraid to use a color tint to the ceiling for a subtle look.

To get some more ideas, you can visit the site of professional painters.

Selection Of The Best Color For Painting Your Rooms