Divorce or separation is indeed a painful time for the entire family as all the past relationships are coming to an end. Child custody is also a very sensitive matter that gets involved when parents decide to go their separate ways. Separation of children from their parents is very emotional for both children and the parents. So, the parents claim their child custody in the court. Claiming the child custody in England is not as simple as it may look. So in that case, people hire child custody lawyers to fight their cases against each other. There are many law firms which provide England child arrangement dispute services which can help you in claiming the custody of your children.

These law firms can help you in calming the custody of your children by using simple facilities:

Mediator: Mediation is an alternate form of settling your disputes. This is a form of settlement in which the judge doesn’t take part. The legal matter is discussed during the settlement. The mediators start with all the proceedings of child custody settlement. When the mediator successfully resolves the issues between both the parties, a settlement is signed by both the parties agreeing to the terms and conditions of the settlement. Then the signed agreement is submitted in the court to the judges. The judges approve the agreement and declare the agreement as legal and effective.

This type of settlement is usually cost saving and done outside the court. In these types of settlements, there is no need of the court hearing. The lawyers from both sides help the parties to negotiate among themselves and agree to sign an agreement which implies on both of them. A mediation agreement is as effective as a court order.

Parenting Coordinator: A parenting coordinator is a lawyer who has advanced degree in psychology and also desired experience. The parenting coordinator plans a series of meetings with both the parents to discuss their parenting plan with them. In these meetings, the lawyers are not allowed to take part. The coordinator does counseling of parents to ensure the safety of the child. The coordinator asks the parents about their education, dispute resolution techniques, mediation and many other processes. The coordinator also helps the parents to settle for an agreement which is fair for both of them. He also tries his best to fulfill the maximum needs of both parents. After going through the counseling sessions, the coordinator prepares a report which is then submitted in the court. The court can approve, modify or reject the report as made by the parenting coordinator. If the court rejects the report issued by the parenting coordinator then the parents have to settle their child custody case in the court.

Resolving Child Custody Disputes With Best Lawyers