Dental issues are quite common, but the best part is that dental treatment is available for almost all the dental problems. Thus, you can easily get your crooked or decayed tooth fixed easily, as and when you want. Many people do not have straight teeth or aligned jaw and hence lack confidence while laughing, talking etc. If you are one of them then you must step ahead to see the dentist for getting the braces. The braces will easily straighten your teeth in a year or a two. You can Talk to a Marylebone Dental Practice you can trust today for getting your teeth fixed and straightened so that you can smile confidently.

Get your teeth straight without the embarrassment of braces

Braces are fixed over your teeth for a long period of time and are generally made of metal which is fairly visible to the others and thus is embarrassment for many people. If you want to get your teeth straightened without the embarrassment of braces, then you must opt for the invisalign. Although they are also braces but they are not visible and hence are not embarrassing. In addition to this, invisalign offers various other benefits. Some of them are listed below –

  • The best part is that you are only required to wear them for six to eighteen months which is quite less in comparison to the braces.
  • The invisalign are removable and you can remove them while eating food. Thus, there is no issue with food getting stuck in the braces.
  • In addition to this, you also do not have any difficulty from the wires as in case of metal braces.
  • Many patients are of the opinion that they end up losing weight with the use of invisalign, as it restricts your diet.

Issues with invisalign

Some of issues that you may face with the invisalign are listed below –

  • Problem in eating – although with invisalign you have the freedom to eat whatever you want, but you are required to remove the braces for eating. In fact for taking up the snacks you will be required to remove the braces, which is quite a hard and frustrating task.
  • Follow up visit – you are required to visit your dentist in every two weeks for changing of the aligner trays. Visiting dentist every two week is a big issue for busy people.
  • No beverages – you cannot drink any sort of beverages like tea, coffee etc. as it will stain your braces which look absolutely bad. The worst part is that there is no option for the whitening of the braces.

There are pros and cons associated with every treatment, if you can overcome these issues then invisalign is the best for you.

Invisalign – One Of The Best Options For Teeth Straightening