Introducing MLTW – Offering up Topics and Tips of Interest

At MLTW we believe in diversity of topics, which means that here at our site you are going to find some interesting tidbits on subjects you might not have even known you were interested in! And, frankly, I cannot even begin to tell you some of the stuff you might find here! Because I’m personally interested in health, SEO, food, exercise, social media, food (did I mention food?) – you can probably expect to see some posts on stuff like that.

So, because I’m all excited about this new blog, I feel like I have got to share this recipe that I’ve tried and REALLY like. It’s for something called “Turmeric Golden Milk,” and it’s been shown to help with inflammation. It’s actually really tasty too (and has that “comforting” feeling when you sip it). I hope you try it and like it too!