Are you thinking to purchase a bath tub? Wait and think about all points like type of bath tubs, budget, style etc. it is due to the fact that there is a wide variety available in the market and you can easily get confused. This Bathing Guide lets you decide which bathing tub type and style would suit you the most.  Few popular types of bath tubs are given below-

Freestanding bathing tubs – As its name says, this bath tubs stands free and has no connection with wall or ground. This classic master piece needs lot of storage space in bathroom hence freestanding bathing tubs are not suitable for small homes. Along with spacious home, freestanding bath tubs are also kept in many big 5-star or 7-star rated hotels and resorts. Once and for all, freestanding bath tubs are expensive but elegant piece of bath tub. Freestanding bath tubs are available in numerous designs and styles.

Corner bath tubs – Most of the people think that corner bath tubs are especially made for small kids, but my dear friend, this perception is wrong since anyone can have a bath in corner bath tubs. Corner bath tubs are made for compact bathrooms where space matters a lot. Corner bath tubs are costly, but a master piece of elegance and style. Usually in corner bath tubs, there are five sides and they are triangular in shape. This tub types are available in countless design options.

Recessed bath tubs – It’s another popular bath type usually used in almost every bathroom whether spacious or compact. Recessed bath tubs are also known as alcove bath tubs. Affordable, easy to install, durable and long run are its few features which make it a popular bath tub among other bath tub types. Alcove bath tubs are used for optimizing use of space and their standard size is 60 inches. But alcove tubs are also available in other sizes right from 53 to 72 inches.

Drop-in bath tub – This type of bath tubs are easy to install at any place since there is no use of any faucet or other additional drilling. In addition to this, Drop-in bath tubs are easily integrated with other bathroom accessories like shower, towel hanger etc. Thousands of styles and design options are available in drop-in bath tub. In addition to this, this bath tub is also affordable among other types of bath tubs.

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