Instagram primarily uses pictures and videos to convey any information. This is mainly because they have a better and stronger ability to communicate the intended message. As an entertainer, this is a platform that you should take strong note of and apply to market your works. There are various channels through which you can achieve this.

    1. Use of hashtags

Hashtags are used to make the topic or item you want known to spread fast and to a large population. Use hashtags that are simple but weighted. They will create attention to the posts that you make.

    1. Use of quality photos and videos

The issue of quality is paramount for one to drive massive views and likes on Instagram. They have known this and improved the quality of the post they make. The essential elements that make the merits of a photo or video give fantastic results which attract many views and likes. Having a quality gallery means huge views and likes

    1. Capitalizing on adding weight to their profit

The profile is supposed to be a detailed explanation of who you are and what you are offering to the market. They add weight to their profile through making them brief but direct.  Unnecessary information is not put on them as this may make it too bulky which viewers will ignore.

    1. Automation of their Instagram pages

To enable concentration on the work of producing more content, they use the available automation tools to carry out the tasks of posting, commenting and replying to content on this platform. They only get reviews and reports at the end of some set time. However, not automation tools are worth your time and resources. You can check Social Package Review – The Small Business Blog and understand what makes a good automation tool.

    1. Directing users to valuable contents

Viewers will be interested in that content that is most appealing. Instagram has allowed the users to include links to other sites on the bio section. Entertainers are using links attached to post to direct them to blogs and websites so that they can view more on the posts they make.

    1. Cross promoting of partners

Some of the partners or friends are already better established in the market. They are using their links and posts to drive the views and sales. This tagging and sharing of others links and post is a strategy that draws a lot of attention to not only their posts but also to those of partners.

How Smart Entertainers Are Using Instagram To Market Their Craft