This is a very common and important question that people ask when they plan to buy a vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer is a wonderful addition to your life. Choosing the right machine can be a daunting task for many. Learning about your usage and frequency would simplify the selection process.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

A chamber vacuum seal machine is used to vacuum seal liquids. Some of the liquids that can be effectively sealed using a chamber vacuum sealer machine are soups, marinades, beverages, etc.

You can easily vacuum seal these liquids in a chamber machine than the suction machine because instead of emptying the pouch by removing the air, the chamber machine removes the air from the complete area. Thus, the air pressure is maintained uniform on both inside as well as outside the pouch and liquids are kept safely inside the pouch. To know about the machines that fit the requirement of the heavy home user to a meat processing utility, you should definitely visit this page.

External suction vacuum sealer

These sealing machines are within the reach of the ordinary man. They are compact and most widely used machines by home users. A clamp form sealing machine places the open end of the vacuum sealing bag in a tray present in the machine and covers the lid.

The machine then draws the air out of the bag via the open end. This is the reason suction machine is less effective to vacuum seal liquids than chamber machines. Also, when using a suction machine, you need to use specialized bags that possess texture to draw the vacuum efficiently.

Features of a chamber vacuum sealing model:

Chamber Cover:

Such machines have two small sized pneumatic bars that are located on either side of the lid. The benefit of this cover allows the lid to lock automatically instead of keeping it pressed under the rubber seal till the time vacuuming begins.

Size of the chamber:

Larger chamber size can easily accept bags of bigger size.

Angled Side:

Chambers with straight edges makes packaging of liquids difficult, whereas chamber with angled sides allows the bag to fit at an angle and prevents spilling of liquids.

There are several lucrative options available in the market for people, who are looking to buy a new vacuum sealer. From simple to advanced features, expensive to affordable ones, you would get plenty of machines to suit your requirements.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer or External Suction Vacuum Sealer is the Best