Artificial Christmas trees are now taking place of traditional Christmas trees. The reason for this is the advantages that are associated with artificial Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees look gorgeous and realistic. Market is flooded with artificial Christmas trees. For most of the people, it is a lot tiresome task to decorate the traditional Christmas tree with lights and all other decorative materials. Thus, they find it better to purchase a pre lit artificial Christmas tree. By doing so, they save their time, money and energy. Traditional Christmas trees need a lot of care. You have to provide it proper amount of water on a regular basis. Artificial Christmas trees do not need water to grow. To know all about artificial Christmas trees, you can visit

Artificial Christmas trees are made of different materials. But in most artificial Christmas trees, PE and PVC materials are used. PE stands for Polyethylene while PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. Both of them are forms of plastic polymer. But they both are different from each other.

PE trees

Nowadays, PE is used to make needles of the artificial Christmas trees. Needles made of PE look just like the needles of the real Christmas tree. The branches of the PE tree look like real wood. Hence, artificial Christmas trees made of PE look more realistic than the trees made of other materials.

PVC trees

PVC is mostly used to make artificial trees. PVC provides a lifelike appearance to the artificial Christmas tree. To make the needles of the artificial Christmas tree, you can cut the compressed PVC into flat strips and tiny form so that it can look like real needles of Christmas tree. After this, you can fix these needles on to the branch of the artificial Christmas tree. PVC has many qualities that make it most suitable for making the artificial Christmas tree. PVC is durable and flexible thus it easily gets molded into the shape of needles of the Christmas tree and these needles last for a longer time.

Both PE and PVC have their separate advantages and characteristics. With your personal preference, you can choose anyone from both. PVC trees are less costly than PE trees. PVC trees offer variety to choose from. On the other hand, PE trees look stunning and more realistic. Needles made of PE are softer to touch. If you want an artificial tree that seems to be natural in every way, you should opt for PE.

Artificial Christmas Trees – The Best Option For This Christmas